Bruce Jenner, Matt Walsh, and The Examples They Set For Us

So very sick of this Matt Walsh character – the “blogger, writer, speaker, and professional truth sayer.” Oh that “truth sayer” bit really rubs me wrong, especially when he spews such venom and vitriol, sometimes “in God’s name”, and has continual disregard for actual scientific facts while propelling his own opinions into supposed facts.

So today I come across this awful thing written by him on my news feed where he decides to publicly humiliate Bruce Jenner by calling him sick and delusional.Matt Walsh - Bruce Jenner
Sorry, Matt, but you don’t get to decide that. Last I checked you are not a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist. The American Psychological Association does not view transgenders as sick or delusional. But you are right about one thing: he does need treatment.
Some individuals with gender dysphoria go to counseling to try to reconcile their assigned sex with their gender identity. Part of that process is figuring out what that identity is and assessing how comfortable they feel in their current body. Some people don’t need to transition; instead they just choose to dress or act in a way that aligns with their identities. Others feel this dysphoria and discomfort so severely, the only way for them live a healthy and happy life is to undergo full transition. The spectrum of possible treatments is wide and a transgender person can choose many different ways to cope.

Bruce Jenner and the many people who share his struggle do deserve to be admired and congratulated. It takes immense courage to not only come out to the world (a world that is most often very hateful toward transgenders) but also to take positive action toward improving one’s own life. He is setting an example for a lot of people that is okay to be who God made you to be – both inside and out.
So to Matt and the people like him, it isn’t any of your business how Bruce decides to cope with this massive burden he was given. You especially have no right to judge, preach, or teach about something that you so clearly are not educated on in any way other than your own warped views and propaganda that have no hold in reality. You cannot tear down someone else’s livelihood and happiness because you aren’t comfortable with it. You cannot make statements of “fact” without any actual facts to back that up (and citing non-credible sources doesn’t count either). You cannot simply dismiss an entire group of people because you haven’t taken the time to understand them or show some compassion.
And even if Bruce is delusional, how is it anyone else’s right to stop him from doing what he thinks is best for himself? He isn’t hurting anyone by doing it, so please just leave him to make his own choices for his own life and maybe focus on making some better ones for yourself.


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