Hello all!

If you are reading this, you’re probably wondering about me or my blog. Let me indulge your burning curiosity.

My name is Kyndal Breanne Jane. Yes, my last name is Jane – like on “The Mentalist.” (Any fans?) I am a twenty-one-year-old student getting my Master’s degree of Clinical Psychology at a small, private Christian university. But no, I’m not right-wing conservative, before you go jumping to conclusions Mario-style (if you’re going to assume, at least do it in some cool fashion). I’d like to think of myself as very fluid, if you will, not only politically, but also in many, many other senses. I’m sure you can learn all about that in my blogs (or blogs to come, rather).

To give you a brief idea of who I am, here is a list of a few topics I am passionate about and some of my hobbies:

  • Music – I am a singer and a lyricist and I am also currently learning guitar. I sang in choirs for twelve years, but am now only involved in my personal music. I don’t really fit into a specific genre because I dapple a bit here and there, but if I had to classify myself, I would probably say pop rock or soft rock. More of the latter, I think. Some of my favorite bands are He is We, Hollywood Undead, Never Shout Never, and Coldplay, just to name a few. As a psychology student, I believe that music has a very powerful effect on people and their thoughts and emotions. It is amazing how a certain chord progression can evoke enthusiasm, sadness, or anger. I think that music is an apt and unique tool to implement in the psychological treatment of clients.
  • The Equal Rights movement – As a member of this community, I am obviously a big advocate of LGBT rights (to answer the question I know you’re all mentally asking – I am bisexual… And taken). I believe that we are all equal and that God does not make mistakes. Author Louis Pojman once wrote, “The kingdom of heaven is a color-blind and gender-blind community ruled by love, not social or racial pedigree” (Who Are We? Theories of Human Nature). And does the Lord’s prayer not state, “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”? I’m positive I will write many blogs on this topic. As a note, I don’t only argue the religious standpoint, but also the scientific. The author I quoted above is actually an atheist, ironically.
  • Arts and crafts – I am a terrible artist, but I have fun and relieve stress, so oh well! They make great gifts, too… Well sometimes, like when I don’t royally screw up.
  • Psychology – Duh. It’s a very broad topic and I hope to give anyone who reads my blog a lovely chunk of trivia to brandish proudly in front of their friends and family. Hey, maybe even their enemies – after all, the best way to piss off your enemy is to flaunt your extreme level of intelligence! *wink* (You’re welcome).
  • Social stigmas – I like to study what our culture deems taboo and ask questions to understand the logic behind it. I like to challenge people’s perspectives (respectfully, of course).

There are many other things I love talking about or doing. That leads me to say that it is likely that many of my blogs will be me simply ranting about things so random, you’ll think it’s something your grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s said. Kidding, but seriously, I might be the most random person ever.

And as a forewarning for all you more “sensitive” people, I am a huge proponent of the f-word! If you can’t take the profanity, get off my blog!

Well I think I’ve said enough for you to get the gist. So that’s me! 🙂 Love me or hate me, I am who I am.


Have something to say? Tell me what you think.

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